Dog Behavior Specialist

If you are trying to correct your dog’s behavior without success, than you need to read on.

During such times, you will need dog behavior advice from a professional dog behavior specialist.

A dog behavior specialist you approach to solve your dog’s behavior problem should be suitable for the specific problem.


Depending on the problem you want solved, you may need the services of a dog trainer, a veterinarian, a veterinarian behaviorist or an applied animal behaviorist.

The Dog Whisperer

You need a professional dog trainer to start you off with your dog.

This dog behavior specialist, also known as a dog whisperer, will work with you and your dog to recondition the behaviors of both you and your dog for a meaningful relationship.

The dog trainer will deal with problems of obedience, temperament, barking, aggression, separation anxiety, digging and house training.

You also need some dog behavior help if your dog exhibits such behaviors as chewing furniture, self harm, fear, jumping up on people, not obeying when called, chasing people and pulling on the lead.

These problems require a dog behavior specialist who has a wide understanding of dog behavior. He should offer you appropriate advice on what to do in order to change your dog’s behavior.

About Aggression

dog aggressionA qualified and competent dog behavior specialist will focus on the root cause of the problem and not just the symptom.

Your dog behavior specialist should therefore send you to your local dog veterinary to perform tests on your dog to rule out any medical causes of aggression.

Usually arthritic pain or any other pain can lead to aggressive behavior in your dog.

A veterinary behaviorist would be in a better position to diagnose the problem with your dog.

This is a dog behavior specialist who is trained in veterinary medicine with an emphasis on animal behavior.

This dog behavior specialist understands the relationship between a dog’s behavior and any medical problems. He will therefore easily diagnose your dog’s problem accurately and use psychotropic and pharmaceutical drugs to manage the behavior of your dog.

In case underlying health issues are ruled out, you may need to contact a special dog behavior specialist known as an applied animal behaviorist.

This dog behavior expert is well versed in animal behavior theory as well as application.

He will carry out research on your dog’s behavior and apply dog behavior principles to solve your dog behavior problems.

His job also entails disseminating information about animal behavior through research and teaching.

Asking Questions

dog behavior specialist Your dog behavior specialist should have experience dealing with dog problems.

He will possess the ability to effectively and courteously communicate with you. Your appointments should be friendly, with the dog behavior specialist asking you questions about you and your dog.

You should also feel free to ask him any dog behavior questions that may be bothering you.

Have a good relationship

Developing a good relationship with your canine behavior specialist ensures that you end up with a well behaved dog.

What do they analyze?

While examining the problem with your dog, a dog behavior specialist will analyze the occurrence of these problems in terms of when, where and how they occur.

He will then go ahead to look at what kind of relationship exists between the dog and the human members of the household. He should guide you in setting boundaries for the dog.

The participation of all household members is crucial for successful behavior change in your dog.

The difference between rewarding and punishing

A good dog behavior specialist should focus on using reward based training while at the same time avoiding punishing your dog for undesirable behavior.

This will encourage your dog to concentrate on the good behavior, finally overruling the undesirable behavior.

The behavior modification should be gradual, starting from easy tasks to more complicated ones.

Perhaps you want to help people with their dogs and are wondering how to become a dog behavior specialist.


You can achieve that by undertaking one of the several courses that lead to a career in dog behavior handling.

You can become a dog behavior specialist by obtaining an associate degree in zoo keeping or animal training. You can also undertake a degree in animal behavior.

Apart from academic qualifications, you need to possess practical dog handling skills and an ability to effectively communicate with dog owners as well as motivate them.

You also need to be emphatic towards the dogs and their owners.